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Hunting For The Garland

Hunter horses and ponies made their presence known in the Kubota Outdoor Arena earlier this morning. Australian judges, Mark Kenzig and John Paget, had the opportunity to look over the horses as they worked together on the circle. The riders then worked individually in the beautifully presented ring before lining up to have their conformation assessed.

Seven ponies entered the ring vying for the garland, rosette, and rug, but there could be only one winner. Today, that was Noah Murphy riding the relatively young Windermere in Memory. Stepping in to claim the reserve champion was KS Rose d'Or ridden by Paris Masterson, no stranger to success at this level.

When the horses made their way into the ring, they meant business. The judges had five hunter horses of varying types, and different ways of going, to decide between for their eventual Champion. With their scores combined, the judges chose Julie Wylie-Parkinsons' Sparkling Galaxy as their winner. Taking awayShow the Reserve Champion sash was TC Artistry and Ben Thomson.

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