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Supermodels of the Open Show Pony ring gleam at HOY

Showing is a family affair for the Roach family, and they were thrilled when Billie Roach and Linden Fine Art rode off with the Show Pony of the Year, over 138cm and not exceeding 148cm, today.

The Cambridge 14-year-old and her pony Nina, as she’s known at home, went one better than last year, when they were the reserve in the class. They also took the prize for best presented. “It’s pretty exciting; we took her to Australia last year after she got reserve here. It’s a really exciting moment,” Billie said. “It’s been a real family affair getting here. Mum works nights at Cambridge Stud to help fund the showing team, and my sister helps turns them out.” This is the family’s third season with six-year-old Nina, and Billie’s sister rode the pony for her first season under saddle. Nina is owned by Linden Riding Pony Stud, and the Roach family is leasing her until she goes into the broodmare paddock. Billie will have two more seasons with her before she is put in foal. “It was a goal to win this class. I had a good season with her, and this definitely was the goal.” Billie has a second pony, Linden Just a Dream, also leased from the Linden Riding Pony Stud and the combination contested the Show Pony of the Year over 128cm and not exceeding 138cm.

Penmain Lily of the Valley has spent much of her life in the broodmare paddock producing quality foals, and today she proved she’s just as talented in the show ring. Ridden by Ella Rankin and owned by Sarah Bostock, of KS Show Horses in Hawke’s Bay, the pony is currently in foal but didn’t let that stop her turning in a lovely performance to take the Show Pony of the Year over 128cm and not exceeding 138cm. Ella, 13, is from Pahiatua and has leased the pony for two seasons. The combination only did three shows this season, qualifying Lily and then coming to HOY, mum Shannon said. “I can’t stop shaking…I felt like screaming,” Ella said of how she felt when her name of called out as the winner. “I love showing, the glitz and glamour. She (Lily) is amazing, she sits there in a frame, doesn’t jog and knows the job.” Sarah Bostock explained that the pony is ten but has been a broodmare for a large chunk of her life. “I decided to give her two years out of the paddock and see if she could be a show pony. Ella needed a pony, and I needed a rider…Ella came, and rode her and she still had a foal on her, we had to hold the foal while Ella was riding around the paddock. “She’s actually in foal at the moment. She’s the sweetest, kindest mare. Even though she had done nothing really, I knew she would be safe for Ella. They did one year, Ella loved her, and she was going so nicely, so they asked for another year.” On that high note, Lily will now return to the broodmare paddock. She is in foal to Sarah’s stallion, Kolbeach Rembrandt. “She’s had four foals already, and one has won a young stock in hand title here at HOY already. Her foals are quite sought after,” Sarah said.

Brooke Cadwallader and Eastdale Diva capped off a spectacular day for the Cadwallader family, notching up another title, this time in the Show Pony of the Year, not exceeding 128cm. This was the sixth year on the trot the pony has taken the title – and its third title of the day. This morning younger sister Mia Cadwallader, 9, won both the First Ridden Pony Rider of the Year and First Ridden Pony of the Year, not over 138cm, with Diva. The super consistent Diva, who the family describes as one in a million - the pony of a lifetime - has won the Show Pony of the Year not exceeding 128cm for six years running. She has also won the Lead Rein title three times and the First Ridden title twice. Brooke, 11, enjoys showing and the social side of seeing all her friends at shows. “You get to try your best and look nice.”

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