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Katie Laurie Claims City Of Sails At Equitana

In a very unusual format, round one scores were completely wiped for the 10 combinations that came back to start the second round of the City of Sails Classic Winning Round in the Premier Indoor Arena at Equitana Auckland this morning.

Five of the original 12 that started the class went clear in the first round, however, unlike most two round competitions, where faults are carried forward, the only influence round one results had on the second round was the order of competition, with the most faults coming back first, all on a clean slate.

Jasmine Sketchley and her classy stallion, Bravado Ego Z produced a quick clear round to stop the clock at 43.36 seconds and take an early lead. Going one better, Maurice Beatson and Mandalay Cove shaved more than four seconds off, finishing in 39.18 seconds. The competition continued to heat up with riders taking tighter turns and lines, with the risks paying off for some.

All went Katie Laurie’s way as her and Breeze flew round clear in a slick time of 37.77 seconds to take the lead, which they held to the end securing the win and the $2,300 prize purse. Riding second to last and coming very close to getting jumped right out of the saddle in the combination, Amanda Wilson came home clean to finish less than a second behind Katie in 38.06 seconds and settle for second place.

Katie also finished fifth in the class on Carissa McCall’s Cera Caruso, having a single rail down and a time of 39.39 seconds, followed by Maurice Beatson on his second ride Gold Locks, who finished on four faults in 40.37 seconds.


1st: Katie Laurie – Breeze 2nd: Amanda Wilson – Caretino Jewel 3rd: Maurice Beatson – Mandalay Cove 4th: Jasmine Sketchley – Bravado Ego Z 5th: Katie Laurie – Cera Caruso 6th: Maurice Beatson – Gold Locks

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