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Focus on turning

Words and images: Show Circuit

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Once your horse is confident over the poles, build the fences up, but keep them small - this exercise is about turning and accuracy, not about height. 

When riding through this exercise, be sure to keep as straight as possible between the fences. Keep an open hand over the fence in the direction of your turn. Turn your body to help guide the horse and look for your next fence. Be sure to stay relaxed, and you do not want your horse to rush.

This exercise will quickly help you improve your turning, accuracy, planning and looking ahead to your next fence.

With the season well underway we take a look at improving your turning to ensure a quick and flawless jump-off


To begin with, place the poles on the ground and trot through the exercise a couple of times until the horse understands what you are asking. 

For younger and less experienced horses, you can build the exercise with two or three strides between the fences, and make your circles bigger. As the horse grows in confidence, close the fences together to one stride and make your circles a little tighter. 

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