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Over the past couple of years, challenges with COVID have affected several editions of Show Circuit - but none more so than this one! It seems that there is another surge with this new variant. I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves and, if you get it, rest, then rest some more!

We are thrilled to have rising star eventer Charlotte Penny on our cover. Her incredible achievement of winning the Melbourne Three-Day event made us all so proud! Check out her interview and find out what exactly makes this eventer tick.

I have to say that we are very lucky to have a talent like Australian show jumping superstar Alison (Doog) Rowland basing at Takapoto. Rebecca Greaves caught up with Alison for an insight into her story and to hear about her big shift to New Zealand.

Matthew Grayling has been a very familiar name in eventing circles for decades. Our interview with accompanying award-worthy photos by Denise Flay is a must-read!

We're excited about our new series Empowering Women. First up, Rebecca Greaves interviewed Angela Parkinson, who manages PGG Wrightson in Masterton. Not only is she a superstar in the business, but also, she's a massive supporter of local equestrian events.

Many will know of Gretel Webber from Dunstan. We went behind the scenes at the Dunstan factory to find out precisely what is behind this brand, which is a huge sponsor of our sport and talked to Gretel about her role with the company.

At this time of the year, we all start to drool over the stallions available for breeding. There's a great line-up to admire in our Stallions & Studs section, so be sure to head to that section. And for those of you planning to breed your next superstar, we have two must-read articles by Ashleigh Kendall. These deal with how to look after your mare during her pregnancy and foaling, with the second article on the foal from newborn to six months. Both of these articles highlight the importance of optimal care to maximise your foal's potential.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Until next time, happy riding, everyone! ❤️



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