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Show Circuit Magazine is a digital magazine packed with informative articles for riders and horse owners. Our magazine is aimed at the dedicated equestrian, providing valuable training and inspiration for all disciplines. We produce an exciting mix of features, photo essays and regular columns with a stylish and modern design.

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I trust everyone is rejuvenated following the Christmas break. For the first time in the 15 years of Show Circuit Magazine, I have taken some time off - hence this issue is slightly streamlined. I hope 2024 has started well for you despite the challenges posed by the recent heat wave that has gripped our country. As we navigate the unrelenting heat and reminisce about the wet summer of 2023, it is crucial to address our concerns about the well-being of our beloved horses during these extreme weather conditions.

Adjusting our riding and exercise routines to the prevailing weather conditions is essential. During heatwaves, riding in the cooler parts of the day - such as early morning or late evening - can help minimise the risk of heat stress for riders and horses. Be vigilant for signs of heat exhaustion or distress in your horse - excessive sweating, heavy breathing, or lethargy - and take immediate steps to cool them down if necessary. As an addition to your horse's feed regime, mash feeds can also be useful to explore. 

Our cover features the exceptional talent of Sophie Fourie. Her stable includes a constellation of superstars, each flaunting their unique skills. Reconnecting with her was a true pleasure, looking at her background and unveiling the driving force behind her journey and how motherhood fits within her equestrian dreams. 

This issue showcases remarkable New Zealand talent, including Kallista Field, whom I highly regard. Her sense of humour stands out as she approaches her journey with humility and a strong work ethic. Dive into her story and meet her stunning horse, Felix.

Another standout equestrian is Sophie Burling. Beyond her impressive breeding stock and progeny in the paddocks, her work as a molecular biologist truly leaves a mark. Sophie's dedication to research is making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals grappling with debilitating neurological diseases, such as motor neuron disease, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's makes me doubly proud of her. 

Oliver Coucher is a talent in the world of show jumping. His journey took a significant leap when he claimed victory in the Norwood Cup aboard the exceptional Waitangi Surf. Since then, there's been no turning back. Oliver has been proudly representing Takapoto Estate for four years, benefitting from the guidance of Sam McIntosh. Furthermore, he boasts an impressive array of young horses at Rivermonte Park in Cambridge.

Amanda Berridge shares how she is blending her passion for dressage with running Summit Grain & Saddlery alongside her mother, Vicki Berridgea. They have transformed the shop into a thriving destination for equestrian enthusiasts, and this year, they will showcase all three family businesses - Summit Grain & Saddlery, Rockin Horse, and Roulette Rugs - at Land Rover Horse of the Year.

We have many more riders' stories awaiting you within the pages of Show Circuit. As you flip through, I extend my best wishes for a safe and pleasant journey for you and your horses this summer and en route to Land Rover Horse of the Year. Let's hope the heat wave subsides, making way for more comfortable conditions.

Happy riding!


Sheryll Davies - Publisher.

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